Where in the World?

Excerpts from a Life Abroad

My thanks to the scores of people who responded positively when asked, via Facebook, if they’d be interested in reading edits of the journals and letters I wrote home from a lifetime of living and working overseas. I’m going to give it a try. I’d hoped to be able to dig into my extensive archive of photos, but they’re currently in storage. Because of the pandemic shelter-in-place, I can’t get at them. For now, I’ll post some available photos or photos I can create out of whatever I have to illustrate the text. Later on, when I can get into all those boxes, I’ll post additional photos taken during my sojourns abroad.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from my first journal, about a girl from small-town West Virginia who almost bit off more than she could chew.

During my Junior year at West Virginia University, I felt a strong need to do something useful. A psych-soc major, I wanted real experience, not more lectures. And I wanted the challenge of trying this somewhere else in the world. I was president of the student YWCA at the time and asked the director, Harriet Shetler, to help me identify some summer programs with those opportunities. She came up with …

That first experience of culture shock during Asian Seminar 1964 pretty much inoculated me for the rest of my life. By the time I applied for Peace Corps training after obtaining my Masters in Television Production at Boston University, I knew what to expect and had some ability to deal with the discombobulation of entering a new culture.  I’d also learned that being busy and productive was critical to having …

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