Let’s start with an excerpt from my first journal, about a girl from small-town West Virginia who almost bit off more than she could chew. During my Junior year at West Virginia University, I felt a strong need to do something useful. A psych-soc major, I wanted real experience, not more lectures. And I wanted the challenge of trying this somewhere else in the world. I was president of the student YWCA at the time and asked the director, Harriet Shetler, to help me identify some summer programs with those opportunities. She came up with …

Child’s Play Wins 5 Stars!

“A lovely and transcendent reminder of how powerful Southern fiction can be….keeps the reader on edge…I loved this book and looked forward to every moment I spent reading it. Child’s Play is a powerful coming of age novel with an unforgettable cast of characters. It’s most highly recommended.” – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

Reader's Books, Sonoma, CA

What a good time Russell and I had reading selections from our books and responding to questions in Sonoma. Met some special folks and found the town to be really attractive. Looking forward to going back and staying longer.

Nancy and Russell

Nancy and Husband Russell Sunshine promoting their books at the Central Coast Writers Booth, Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove. (Russell’s book, Far and Away: True Tales from an International Life, is also available on Amazon.)

Malice on the Mekong

Want to hear a radio interview? You can listen to the interview on the Mike Queen Show, WAJR, Clarksburg, West Virginia, where I attended Washington Irving High School. To keep up with more Central West Virginia news, go directly to the show’s podcast: ajrnewsnetwork.podomatic.com.

Nancy Swing, Author

“Keepers of Our Culture” ~ Share Your Stories For Good Cedar Street Times 4-1-2016 by Patricia Hamilton and Joyce Krieg. Nancy Swing turned her experiences living among the ex-pat community in Laos into a work of mystery fiction. Many lives, many stories, many ways of telling our stories. Certainly the most common method is to …