Excited to see Lazarus available on Amazon earlier than expected. In time for Christmas sales!! This is the second book in my trilogy of mysteries set in the fictitious small town of Lewiston, West Virginia. The story revolves around the renovation of a centuries-old cabin and what happens to the people who try to resurrect it. 16 year-old Jimmy Lee Schuman is hired by Sarah Simmons to help her restore house and grounds. Three men — a banker, a pot-grower and the county’s best hunter — seem to have it in for Sarah. Before long, her dog is tortured and killed. Then Jimmy Lee finds her cabin on fire and Sarah dead inside. He vows to bring the murderer to justice and soon learns he’s a suspect too. Eden Jones and Bethanne Swanson reappear from the previous book to help solve the crime. But it’s Jimmy Lee who learns what it means to fail and yet triumph when it comes to solving the mysterious deaths of loved ones.