The Silver Foxes Now on Kindle

The final volume of my West Virginia trilogy of mysteries is now available on Kindle. If you go to Amazon and type “nancy swing the silver foxes,” you’ll find a link for both print and electronic versions. I’m on Facebook with an author’s page, and as always, I love to hear from readers. Writers only …


Happy to report that the final book in my trilogy of West Virginia mysteries has been published in paperback. There’s a direct link on my home page, if you’d like to order a copy.


Manuscript and photos for the cover of THE SILVER FOXES have gone to the publisher. If all goes well, the final book of my West Virginia trilogy of mysteries should be available from Amazon later this month. Fingers crossed.

Final Volume in Lewiston, WV Trilogy

Turned everything over to the publisher — manuscript, cover art, etc. If all goes well, the final book in my trilogy of West Virginia mysteries will be out in mid-late November. Please note: This is NOT how the cover will look!


Just back from a mini-vacation in Lassen National Park in northern California. Helps to walk away from the “final” draft of a book and come back with fresh eyes for a bit of polishing. Now for the push to finish THE SILVER FOXES and turn it in to the publisher October 1st.

SILVER FOXES: Moving right along

All feedback from my “beta readers” is now marked into my print copy of THE SILVER FOXES, each in a different color, so I can keep track of who said what. Now I’m inputing the changes into the electronic copy of the manuscript. Hope to finish that by mid-September, take a week off, then re-read …


Finished second draft of THE SILVER FOXES and sent it off to my “beta readers.” Looking forward to their detailed feedback on this final mystery in my West Virginia trilogy — I know their comments will make the story better. Still on target for late 2019 publication.

45,000 down and ??? to go…

Just passed 45,000 words in the first draft of the final book in my trilogy of West Virginia mysteries. Feels like I’m halfway home, and those senior citizen sleuths are right on track to figure out who done it. The lives of Eden, Bethanne and Jimmy Lee continue from the previous books and will also …

Hillbilly Essay Published

So pleased to learn that my essay, “I’m a Hillbilly” has been published in Mystery Readers Journal: Mystery in the American South II. A couple sentences to give you the flavor: “When I was growing up in West Virginia, that was a shameful thing to say…As I moved into middle age, I began to realize …