Spent a week in my home town, Clarksburg, West Virginia. This former mansion from the early 1800s was the library in my day. Now it’s reserved for special collections and meetings while the modern library next door gets lots of multimedia use. I devoted two happy afternoons to signing books in the new library, seeing old friends and making new ones. WBOY-TV interviewed me there one morning, and I got to see myself on the News that evening. Why do we never look or sound the way we think we do????

Also did an interview with Gary Bowden on his radio show — see the post under “Reviews and Interviews” for a link to the podcast.

Finally, spent happy hours at the class dinner of my high school and the multi-year picnic the next day. So great to be able to catch up with Washington Irving H.S. friends from the Sixties. We’re fewer and older but still pretty spry. Take a look:

Many thanks to the Library’s Julia Todd, Mediaman Mike King and WI’s Patty Hickman for making all these wonderful things happen.