Just celebrated my 75th birthday with ice cream, cake and good friends. Special people for a special day. (By the way, you can’t see the men, but they were there too.)

Draft Cover of New Book

Working with my publisher to finalize the cover of the next book in my trilogy of West Virginia mysteries, available on Amazon in print and electronic formats December 1, 2018. You can read more about LAZARUS on my website. Scroll down the Home Page until you come to “Previews of Coming Attractions.” You’ll find a …

Moving Right Along

50,000 words and counting on the first draft of Lazarus, the second in my trilogy of West Virginia mysteries. Hope to have this draft done in a couple weeks. Then I’ll let it stew for a while and come back to it. I usually do three drafts, asking for trusted readers’ feedback on the second. …

Reading at Central Coast Writers Meeting

Really a pleasure to read an excerpt of Malice on the Mekong at the July 19th meeting of the Central Coast Writers in Pacific Grove, CA. If you’re a writer, budding or published, this is a great group for you — fellowship, workshops and monthly speakers on topics of interest to folks like us.  Felt good …

Nancy and Russell

Nancy and Husband Russell Sunshine promoting their books at the Central Coast Writers Booth, Good Old Days Festival, Pacific Grove. (Russell’s book, Far and Away: True Tales from an International Life, is also available on Amazon.)